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The Biale Rebbe Of Bnei Brak Arriving In New York
Local News by 5 Towns Jewish Times.
Written by 5TJTSraff
Thursday, 26 April 2012 05:20

The Biale Chassidic dynasty stretches ten generations from Rebbe Yaakov Yitzchak of Pshiskhe, zt’l, famously known as the “Yid Hakadosh” (Holy Jew). The Yid Hakadosh was a disciple of the Choize (Seer) of Lublin, the third generation of disciples of the holy Baal Shem Tov. The Chasidic lineage “ben achar ben” of the Yid Hakadosh from Pshiskhe, passed through Biale, Poland, and was regenerated after the Holocaust in Eretz Yisrael, by the Holy Rebbe, Rabbi Yechiel Yehoshua zt’l of Biale. Today the chassidus continues to flourish in Bnei Brak, under the wise direction of Rebbe Yaakov Menachem Rabinowitz, shlita.
At an early age, the Rebbe, shlita was appointed to direct the holy court after the passing on of his righteous father, the famous Rebbe David, author of Lahavas Duvid of Bnei Brak. The Lahavas Duvid miraculously survived the Holocaust and was one of the known “children of Tehran,” the “yaldei Teheran.” In his youth, he was one of the first disciples of the Ponevezh Gaon, zt’l, and in his righteousness and brilliance, was appointed by his father Rebbe Yechiel Yehoshua to lead yeshivas Biale. After Rebbe Yechiel Yehoshua passed away, the Lahavas Duvid was crowned as a Rebbe, and his son, Rebbe Rabbi Yaakov Menachem, took the helm of the Biale Yeshiva. There he instilled in his talmidim Torah and morals, and despite his young age, became a renowned educator.
Upon the passing on of the Lahavas Duvid, Biale followers turned to Rebbe Yaakov Menachem Rabinowitz, shlita, and adorned him with the cloak of leadership of the dynasty of Biale Bnei Brak.
Upon the inauguration of the Rebbe, shlita, began a new era for Biale Hasidism. New yeshivas, synagogues and Chasidishe shtiblach were founded in the periphery cities. The pinnacle of the activities of the Rebbe is his Chasdei Duvid foundation, to help widows, orphans, and needy families.
Today, under the auspices of the Rebbe are glorious institutions, including yeshivas, kollelim, and shuls in Bnei Brak and Jerusalem. And in Elad, Beit Shemesh, and Beitar Illit are being built shtiblach for the young men of the Chassidus and graduates of the yeshivas.
The Rebbe’s main concern, to which he devotes all his powers, is the program for orphans in the yeshiva in Jerusalem. From when many tragedies came to the attention of the Rebbe, including children whose parents were killed in terrorist attacks, H’yd, and do not have upon whom to rely on for educational and physical needs, the Rebbe ordered the opening of a special department for these orphans. To these poor children are supplied the best teachers and mentors, who act as fathers and mothers for them. These children receive all their needs from the Biale institutions, including clothes and footwear, residence, tuition fees, and all expenses.
Biale advocates relay that one erev Pesach, after the Rebbe returned from a long trip abroad, as soon as he got off the plane he went immediately to visit “his children”—the orphans! The Rebbe, who is himself father to 15 children b’ah, and 30 grandchildren, so may they increase, came first to visit the orphans! He immediately convened the staff, and informed them that before the holiday he wants to buy new clothing of superb quality for the orphans. Only after seeing that all the needs of the orphans are taken care of, did he return to his home to his biological children.
Every day, by the Rebbe’s door wait dozens of people from all Jewish backgrounds—Ashkenazim and Sephardim, Chasidic and non-Chasidic, young and old, upper and lower class. To each one, the Rebbe devotes his time and efforts, and all are received with a smile and love.
Also in his visits to the U.S., in New York and Florida, New Jersey, and California, masses horde to the Rebbe’s room for advice and blessings. He receives each one cordially, giving counsel and direction, in the way of the Baal Shem Tov to see the good in every Jew.
Many stories are narrated by Jews who by virtue of the blessings and advice of the Rebbe, had their lives changed for the better, be it matchmaking, livelihood, or health disorders. There are miraculous stories of Jews who were saved with children or healed from bad diseases.
Just recently, a Jew from Hollywood, Florida invited friends to a shalom zachor. In the e-mail he sent to his friend, he related: Two years ago, The Biale Rebbe came to our neighborhood. Friday night, the Rebbe leads a tish (Oneg Shabbat) in which the whole neighborhood participated, sang songs, and listened to Torah from the Rebbe. Together with some friends I also attended, and suddenly the Rebbe called me to receive a bone of the fish from which he ate. The Rebbe gave me this and said, take a “bain” (Yiddish for bone), which sounds like son—“ben” in Hebrew) After three girls, my wife and I really wanted to be blessed with a boy. Barely a year had passed since I received the Rebbe’s “bain,” and our shalom zachor was held with the participation of the Rebbe who returned for his annual visit to Florida.
Thousands of people who come to be blessed by the Rebbe have similar stories. The Rebbe does not “make discounts” to anyone. From one he demands to keep the Sabbath and from another to put on tefillin. The Rebbe sees himself as a messenger from G-d to return the children’s hearts to their parents, as wherever he goes, he is mekarev another and another Jew “under the wings of the Shechinah,” all cheerfully and with love of Israel. Every Jew who enters the Rebbe room (even if at 3 a.m.) feels the great love and the spiritual connection projected to every person of the seed of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.






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